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About Me

I'm a programmer, interaction designer, new media artist, sound designer and musician living in Chicago, Illinois.

During my time in Chicago I've worked at places like Cramer-Krasselt as a Creative Technology Director, Leo Burnett as a Lead Front-End Developer, and Groupon as a Technical Lead.

Over the last ten years I've been responsible for delivering code, interaction design, product management, digital strategy and creative concepts. Although I wear many hats I've consistently made the time to deep dive into projects and take ownership of them, whether it was designing a sitemap and wireframes for a consumer-facing marketing site at C-K, or building internal-facing API's and tools that consume them at Groupon.

Beyond working with code and new media at my day jobs, I'm also passionate about making cool stuff in my free time. I spent a week in Finland at the CC4AV Workshop in 2014, culminating in a live VJ performance at mbar in Helsinki. That same year, I attended the School for Poetic Computation in NYC, diving more deeply into code and physical computing.

I also enjoy speaking and writing. I've spoken at Chicago Art and Code Club (on "Writing a Modulator Library for Processing" and "Modeling the Natural World in C++ with Cinder"), and I'm a co-author of an article on "How to Build a Connected Real-World Experience" coming out in the Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing in November. I also spoke about connected social experiences at Social Media Week.

I have an even longer history in electronic music, and I make dub and ambient techno (as OVC) with a 10" record recently released on Telrae in Germany.

I'm currently on sabbatical and exploring the possibility of graduate school in 2017.

My Work

My portfolio includes examples of experience design, prototyping, programming, and sound design. Where appropriate the code is publically available on GitHub.

Sculpture: Ice-Burg

  • Summer 2016

Commissioned as a guest sound artist and audio programmer for an interactive sculpture awarded the DePaul University Design Impact Grant.

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Article, Talk, and Social Sign: Make Friends Not Ads

  • Fall 2015

An Internet of Things-inspired prototype that went on to be featured in Social Media Week and the Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing.

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Interactive Fiction in Twine: Space Madness

  • Fall 2016

I used Twine to make a simple text-based space game, and used my skills as a coder to make it more dynamic.

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Website: Porsche 718 Microsite

  • Spring 2016

Contributed to experience design and digital creative direction while employed at Cramer-Krasselt.

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Paper Prototype: Interactive Train Schedule

  • Spring 2016

While at C-K we prototyped several interactive-yet-not-digital print ideas for our client Brightline.

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Website: Site Redesign

  • Winter 2015

Led interaction design and information architecture on this project for Cramer-Krasselt's Milwaukee office.

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Vinyl Record: Escalator One 10"

  • Spring 2015

I released my debut EP of deep, textural dub-techno as OVC – with German label Telrae.

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Performance: Live Visuals on Raspberry Pi

  • Spring 2014

This performance was the product of a week-long workshop in Helsinki to build a custom video synthesizer in OpenFrameworks.

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Proof of Concept: 8-Bit Video Synthesizer

  • Spring 2014

Created a standalone Arduino video synthesizer as a proof-of-concept at the School for Poetic Computation.

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Experiments and One-offs: Creative Coding and VJ'ing with Processing and OpenFrameworks

  • 2008 to 2013

From 2008 to 2013, I experimented regularly with coding visuals in Processing and OpenFrameworks when performing as a VJ.

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One Page Web App: Coffee

  • Fall 2012

Prototyped, refined, and ultimately led a development team to build a real-time sales app for Groupon.

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Front-end Framework: Toolstrap

  • Fall 2012

Helped create an internal design and front-end development toolkit for Groupon similar to Bootstrap or Foundation.

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Talks and Presentations

I enjoy presenting to both technical and non-technical audiences. Here I've featured some presentations that were open to the public, but I also regularly spoke and sold work to current and potential clients while at Cramer-Krasselt.

Using Social Data to Create Real-World Brand Experiences

Talk given at Social Media Week, November 2015

UX Strategist Max Morein and I used our experiences selling and speaking about socially-informed physical objects (aka "the social internet of things") at Cramer-Krasselt to inspire marketers to create their own products and experiences.

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The Nature of Code in Cinder: Modeling the natural world in C++

Talk given at the Chicago Art and Code Club, January 2013

The Chicago Art and Code Club invited me to speak on my experiences with porting Daniel Shiffman's The Nature of Code to Cinder, and the challenges and pitfalls of C++ vs Processing/Java.

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Modulator P5: Make your Processing sketches more dynamic with Modulators

Talk given at The Chicago Art and Code Club, August 2011

I spoke at the Chicago Art and Code Club about a Processing library that I spun out of a series of performances at the 2011 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in Chicago's Logan Square.

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