Nathan Koch

Coder | Artist | Musician | Chicagoan


I’m a coder, visualist, and musician living in Chicago, IL. I work at Cramer-Krasselt as a Creative Technologist, helping bring innovative ideas to new digital products.

Lately I’ve been focused on learning a lot more around building prototypes with new technologies, new forms of user interaction, and using code as a creative medium. I’m attending the School for Poetic Computation in NYC, to improve my craft as a coder but also to step back and think conceptually about code as a tool for art, and even code itself as art.

I recently spent a week in Finland at CC4AV, where I built a dedicated video synthesizer on a Raspberry Pi (using openFrameworks) and performed with it live at mbar in Helsinki.

I like speaking too, and thanks to Chicago Art and Code Club I’ve had the chance to speak at several venues (like IDEO) on topics like modeling the natural world in C++, and building a custom code library in Processing.

I also have a long history with the Web, in front-end development especially, although I know my way around back-ends built on Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP as needed.

I have an even longer history in electronic music. I make dub and ambient techno (and accompanying dynamic/programmatic live visuals) as OVC and melodic electronica as Emulsion.

I live in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood and love it.