Nathan Koch

CC Lab: Homework Week Six

Tuesday, October 17th 2017

One Knob Synth

Unfortunately, my "One Knob Synth" was named as such because I ordered half a dozen 100k potentiometers – which turned out to behave very erratically with my Arduino.

CCLab midterm hardware

That said, it was an interesting physical UI experiment - can I make a music tool compelling enough that just twisting a knob back and forth leads to interesting musical results? Maybe... I think the music worked in tandem with the visualization tools I used in Max/MSP to create a musical toy worth playing with.

The Max patch was simple but effective - it routed serial data from the Arduino into a Max "Dial" object which returned a number between 0 and 1023. I then "Scaled" (what's called mapping in other creative coding tools) the numeric data to work with various sound processing tools - pitch, filter, and amplitude, to create interesting timbral changes over time.

CCLab midterm max