Major Studio I: Seven in Seven #5

Monday, September 4th 2017

Hylozoism. Doctrine that all matter is endowed with life.


Hylozoism, the belief that all matter contains life, dates back to the Greek philosophers although it had a resurgence during the Renaissance.

My interpretation of this was to make a small interactive piece, with amorphous cell-like "life" pulsing and following the mouse cursor.

I made a few mockups in Sketch first, to set some of the look and feel. Icons are courtesy of the Noun Project Hylozoism Intro Hylozoism Main

7 in 7 Design Constraints

  1. Each piece will be themed around a word that will not repeat, chosen at random from

  2. To provide context, the featured word must be present in the piece, but no other words are allowed.

  3. Any time-based media (like motion and sound) must be created procedurally.

  4. The only colors allowed are black, white, and gray.