Major Studio I: Seven in Seven #1

Thursday, August 31st 2017

Eustacy. Changes in world shoreline by changes in sea level.


My intent with my 7 on 7 design constraints were to push myself into some formal explorations of typography. Here the word "eustacy" truly leads itself to being transformed over time, with an encroaching border gradually reducing legibility.

I created this image in Sketch, and the font was Paralucent. I felt like it would distress in an interesting way.


I went into this project planning on iterating multiple solutions for each day, but at this point I found myself out of both time and ideas.

7 in 7 Design Constraints

  1. Each piece will be themed around a word that will not repeat, chosen at random from

  2. To provide context, the featured word must be present in the piece, but no other words are allowed.

  3. Any time-based media (like motion and sound) must be created procedurally.

  4. The only colors allowed are black, white, and gray.