Major Studio I: Seven in Seven #7

Wednesday, September 6th 2017

Brayer. Instrument for spreading ink in printing.


Once I saw my word (and realized it was what I know as a "paint roller") – I immediately had the idea of animating paint "rolling" across a static screen.

I made a few mockups in Sketch first, to have a clearer idea of what I was building, source some icons, and refine the typography. Icons are courtesy of the Noun Project.

Intro frame Brayer Intro

Main frame Brayer Main

End frame Brayer End

I enjoyed playing with the easing code to get that feel of slowing down as you reach the end of the patch you're painting. I think its helping to go through the exercise of building out animation frames in sketch before I start coding, to better dial in the design.

I ultimately am getting frustrated with my limitations: I can't draw, and I don't have the Photoshop skills to work with more realistic imagery, so I keep coming back to choosing fonts and icons as the main "variables" I can play with in design.

7 in 7 Design Constraints

  1. Each piece will be themed around a word that will not repeat, chosen at random from

  2. To provide context, the featured word must be present in the piece, but no other words are allowed.

  3. Any time-based media (like motion and sound) must be created procedurally.

  4. The only colors allowed are black, white, and gray.