Major Studio I: Seven in Seven #3

Saturday, September 2nd 2017

Gid. Brain disease suffered by sheep.


Hit the jackpot with this one! I couldn't believe it when I opened this morning and this was my word.

I decided to go for a bit of humor, using royalty free icons from the Noun Project. I started with an intro screen. I also knew I wanted to use motion in this sketch.

Gid intro

I mocked up a second screen, un-sure at the time if I was headed toward something more interactive or ambient. Gid main

I realized my rules allowed for storyboarding but any animation would have to be executed in code. For my purposes, I decided to storyboard the remaining frames.

Gid Frame 3 Gid Frame 4 Gid Frame 5 Gid Frame 6

7 in 7 Design Constraints

  1. Each piece will be themed around a word that will not repeat, chosen at random from

  2. To provide context, the featured word must be present in the piece, but no other words are allowed.

  3. Any time-based media (like motion and sound) must be created procedurally.

  4. The only colors allowed are black, white, and gray.