Nathan Koch

Major Studio I: Final Project – Week Three

Sunday, November 12th 2017


This week I really focused on prototyping and studies.

Flocking Prototype

This prototype used Craig Reynold's "flocking" algorithm [9] to drive a set of bird-like creatures around a screen according to a simple set of steering rules. When the birds intersect with sound-emitting clouds, they produce different notes, and, at times, harmonies. I built in in openFrameworks, and made some audio in Ableton Live.

Resource Gathering Prototype

I created a prototype that used one of Reynold's steering examples, [10] combined with a naive resource-gathering algorithm of my own creation. This prototype also contained a few different modes, including icon-based graphics, a visible text-based console exposing the motivations of the agents on-screen, and even simple text-to-speech audio.

It was clear to me, from both of these prototypes, that sound is a useful tool and one I need to keep exploring.

8-Bit Look and Feel Prototype

I made a simple animation using sprites in the "fantasy console" PICO-8. This was a fun change of pace.


8-bit Look and Feel Study. Image courtesy author.

I also made this crazy cast of 8-bit characters, as part of beginning to experiment with look-and-feel. These were made in a "fantasy console" called PICO-8 and then blown up in Photoshop using the "Nearest Neighbor" algorithm.

I may keep experimenting with a pixel art / 8-bit aesthetic, as 1) I'm capable of doing it right now and 2) I'm incredibly nostalgic for it. There's also a fun disconnect with making 8-bit characters in a "non-game."

Revised Proposal and Project Scope

Thanks to feedback from Justin Bakse, I've got a revised project proposal.