Nathan Koch

Major Studio I: Final Project – Week Five

Monday, November 27th 2017

Final Project Work-In-Progress

This project has been challenging, and after clocking 80+ hours of in Unity and Visual Studio over the last week I realized I've learned a lot.

My research topic was too broad.

Something like "Aesthetic Considerations of Steering vs Pathfinding Algorithms in 2D Games" would have been much easier to dig in to in the time I had. Instead this project feels broad but shallow.

A new environment and programming language mired me in technical details.

It took so long to learn Unity's editor environment and API, let alone C#, that it put me behind from the outset.

My concept doesn't move far enough away from my precedents.

What does this project offer that Ian Cheng's Emissaries doesn't do better? It's a valid question and one I don't have an answer for.

I did learn a lot about game AI behaviors.

I wasn't even familiar with A* pathfinding when I started this project, nor was I familiar with Craig Reynolds' steering algorithms outside of the context of flocking behaviors.

I enjoyed executing the project in an 8-bit style.

I'm happy with the aesthetics given the time I had available to work on them in the context of the wider project.

There's still more to do in the coming days, like character animation and sound effects, before I can call it a narrative complete proof of concept.