Nathan Koch

Major Studio I: Ideas in Form 2D

Wednesday, September 13th 2017

Algorithmic Studies in Centralized Botnet Forms:
An exploration in 2D design inspired by my research on botnet topologies.

Part of the reason I chose botnets (and the architecture of botnet networks in particular) as a research subject is because I thought they would be interesting to explore and visualize.

I created a Processing sketch that algorithmically generated different iterations of centralized botnets.

2d form The variables that I used to generate different iterations were:

  1. Number of bots via random seed.
  2. Command and Control Server (aka "C&C") size via random seed.
  3. Distance of bots from C&C via Perlin noise.
  4. Theta "velocity" (distance around circle between two bots) via random seed.

Notice also that each image is stamped with what appears to be an IP address. This was generated dynamically based on the variable values used in that particular iteration.

This was an interesting project - I'm not necessarily comfortable in traditional 2D print design, but by algorithmically iterating on a structure I feel I was able to play to my strengths as a designer. It forced me to learn about converting between polar vs cartesian coordinate systems as well.