Nathan Koch

Procedural Systems: Week 6

Tuesday, July 17th 2018

An attempt at creating a "Procedural Spaceship" in Unity

There were a number of problems and challenges this week: (I found procedurally creating planes tough, so extending that to cubes and complex shapes was, unsurprisingly, even harder.)

  1. I wasn't able to figure out compositing shapes together into one mesh in Unity, so in this case I just bashed multiple game objects together in an attempt to replicate "wings" and "body" - this approach works relatively well in Houdini and other DCC tools, because you can remove overlapping meshes, but in Unity there is some overlap.
  2. The only shape I could successfully create in code was a cube (and any manipulation after that point was at the GameObject transform level) which is not very expressive.
  3. It took an unbelievable amount of code to make a cube - granted this cube (based on the catlike coding tutorials) has subdivisions, but building it out required lots of for-loops of triangle building.
  4. Based on the lighting something has gone wrong with the normals, but I can't see a reason why Unity generated normals wouldn't suffice on a hard-edged cube.
  5. The catlike coding tutorials on building a 3D mesh were difficult to follow, and felt unnecessarily complicated, but I couldn't find a simpler approach.