Vinyl Record: Escalator One 10"


  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition
  • Production and Engineering


Spring 2015

Record Label

Telrae (part of Traum Schallplatten)

The only medium I've enjoyed working in longer than the Web is electronic music. Although my tastes have evolved over the last 20 years, and my music making has occurred under different pseudonyms, I always return to it as my avocation.

Several years ago I got excited about producing music again, after years of listening to old and new dub techno by artists like Basic Channel, Deepchord, Bvdub and more. It combines my love of textural ambient music with my desire for some (at minimum) head-nodding bass.

My project OVC was born out of a desire to try my hand at the medium, and I set myself a couple rules to provide an anchor creatively:

  1. No software used anywhere in the production of an OVC track.
  2. My studio has to contain more sound processors (effects units) than sound producers (synthesizers and drum machines).

I was fortunate enough to find a home for my debut OVC work on Cologne-based label Telrae, with my first 10" out in Spring of 2015, and more to come in 2017.

OVC record